What We Do for You

Making Your Move Memorable (For the Right Reasons)

Place Runners

Protecting Your Floors and Carpet

As much as possible, we protect high traffic areas during the move into your new home. Neoprene runners prevent moisture and dirt from damaging your floors and carpet. We want to leave your home and have you feeling like you chose the right moving company.

Wrap Banisters

No Dings and Dents

We wrap your banisters with moving pads in order to keep your banisters looking pristine. This also helps to keep your furniture from sustaining any damages as well.

Wrap Furniture

Safe from Beginning to End

We wrap most furniture in moving pads (blankets) in order to protect it during the entire move. We aim to place your beautiful furniture in your new home the way it was removed from your old home. This takes time but it is well worth it!

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Check All Drawers

Proactive Damage Prevention

We always check drawers to ensure that nothing is forgotten inside. We have seen this all too many times where a customer leaves a whole cabinet full of liquids. Had we not checked, those liquids would have been wasted and damaged the furniture. You have so much on your mind. Let us think for you.

Cover Our Dollies

Soft on the Outside

We use dolly covers to ensure that your furniture is moved with care. In addition to the pads we put on your furniture, the dolly cover adds that extra protection, preventing any dings and dents.

Think Carefully

Strategy and Plan = Success

Success for us is when you are satisfied. For this reason, we think of all angles before moving furniture. Our goal is to always be thoughtful about how moving anything can be impacted by various factors. From measuring objects to checking for contents in drawers, we anticipate potential problems before they arise.

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