Unloading/Loading a Truck

Owner Jason, helping with an offload.

If you are looking to save money on the costs of moving, rent your own truck and hire help to load/unload it.

Why would you need help loading or unloading your truck? Why not get your friends and family to help? Well, there are many reasons to hire professional help. Below are just a few.

1) Professional movers have the knowledge and skill to ensure that your furniture and property remain undamaged. From movement within the house, to packing within the truck, tricks of the trade make a big difference.

2) Professional movers have liability insurance, protecting you, your friends or family and the movers in the event of bodily harm or damage to property.

3) Professional movers do this all the time. Their bodies are used to the rigors of moving furniture and they are likely to move faster than someone who hasn't done it as often. Keep rested for the driving and unpacking you will need to do.

4) Booking with movers ensures availability of moving help. Often friends or family cannot commit, or last-minute changes prevent them from joining you.

Some things to remember: 1) Moving pads/blankets are a necessity. Rent them from U-Haul or your chosen truck rental company. Without them, your furniture may rub up against the truck or other pieces of furniture.

2) Purchase mattress bags to keep your mattress from getting dirty.

3) Moving fragile and valuable items in your personal vehicle is the best way to ensure their safe arrival.

4) Purchase any optional insurance provided by your chosen truck rental company. Small damage to a truck rental can be costly. A small fee protects you from incurring large costs.

Hire Magical Movers for your truck load/unload at just $70.00/hr. for two movers.

A minimum charge of 2 hours service applies to all loads/unloads.

All the best with your DIY (with moving help) move!

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