Moving Day Savings

1. A Well-Packed House Takes Less Time to Move

Packing your belongings in similar sized boxes and labelling them for smooth delivery at the drop-off can save a lot of time (and $$$). Having small items which require special care on the part of movers is time consuming. Moving things like glass shelves, vases and picture frames before they arrive allows them to focus on heavy and difficult objects. Other items such as gardening equipment, sports equipment and garage miscellaneous all take time to move; they are awkward and take thought to fit into the load properly. Remove the loose items from your move and reduce your final bill.

2. Shop Around for Quotes

Take the time to compare prices. Be sure to understand the various rates. Different companies will have different policies and charge for different things. Some companies have a travel time fee (often equivalent to 1-hour service). Some may charge a so-called "truck fee". Often it is standard to charge a minimum number of hours; however, there are companies who do not. If you really believe your move will be below the minimum charge, look elsewhere.

3. Ask About Promotions or Discounts

Many moving companies will have promotions or may be able to waive some fee that is usually included in the bill. Ask the booking representative if there are any incentives at the moment for booking with them. It may be that you receive a gift card or that the travel fees are waived. They might even include some supplies (mattress bags, boxes) without an additional cost. It never hurts to ask.

4. Rid Yourself of Items You Will Likely Not Use or Need

Think about your new home. Can you accommodate everything you own? Do you need everything you own? How long has it been since you used that item? Answer these questions and decide whether or not to take it with you. The less you have, the faster it will be to load and unload the truck.

5. Purchase Moving Boxes From a Reseller or Recycling Company

There are many resellers/recyclers out there. Get similar boxes at excellent rates. Big companies sell of their misprints and overstock to resellers. The integrity of the boxes is not compromised. This is an easy way to save money. Many resellers are open to the public. Below is a list of some in the GTA.

6. Hire Movers With Your U-Haul Rental

If you rent a U-Haul truck, there is a service called Moving Help with which you can hire movers at a lower rate than most moving companies charge. You can find Magical Movers on the marketplace at a rate of 60.00 USD/hr., with a minimum of 2 hours service. Rent the truck; we can show up and load/unload it for you.

7. Pay With Your Cash-back/Rewards Credit Card

If you have a credit card which gives you cash back for your purchases, be sure to use it for the move. Depending on the rates your receive, you might get enough in cash back to cover some small aspect of the move. Every dollar counts!

8. Crowdfund if You Are in Need

In the event that circumstances make it difficult for you to move, tap into the generosity and kindness of people you know (or don't). GoFundMe is a popular platform for raising money to support a cause. Life throws a lot of curve balls; friends, family and even strangers are there to help you hit them.

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