Tips for Moving in the Winter

Moving during the winter can be challenging. But, you have no choice. It needs to be done!

So, let's see how this can be done most effectively. We have listed below some tips to help you to prepare for a winter move and anticipate some problems that might occur.

1. Details are Important

Some details that you might want to have readily available or verify include:

- the driver or one of the movers' personal phone number. If there is a delay, you want to know that you can at least contact them to find out where they are and how long they will be.

- that the movers have your correct delivery address.

2. If Weather Permits

Be sure to check the weather forecast in advance of booking your move. Many forecasting websites can give you the weather weeks in advance for your expected moving date. Also check the weather closer to the date of the move. If something changes, be sure to contact the movers and have a discussion with them about potential problems that may arise because of the weather.

3. Managing Your Properties

There are several things that you can do to prepare your properties (old and new) in advance of moving day to make sure things go smoothly. You can also do a lot on moving day to ensure that you are well prepared and safe.

- Have your driveway and footpaths shoveled and salted for the safety of your movers.

- Turn off the heat, as the door will be open for most of the move. This will save on costs.

- Place an area heater in your bathroom; create a place where you can go to warm up.

- Cover your floors/carpets or request that the movers bring runners to the move.

- Be sure that the utilities in your new home are functional.

4. Managing Your Belongings

Your belongings need extra protection during the winter months. Not only is it colder, but the likelihood of getting wet increases as there may be snowfall/rain. From your mattresses to your electronics, to your beautiful paintings, a lot can be done to protect your things.

- purchase mattress bags (or request some from the moving company) to keep your mattresses from touching a wet floor in the moving truck. Although movers often put moving blankets beneath mattresses in the truck, bags ensure full protection.

- pack electronics (portable and medium sized) in boxes and take them with you in the car.

- purchase special picture boxes for your paintings.

- have a tarp, additional sheets, towels and blankets to protect objects in the event of rain.

- utilize plastic bins as much as possible. Keep items dry.

- double bubble wrap fragile items; cold can make them more susceptible to breakage.

5. Stay Healthy and Safe

It is easy to forget about yourself on moving day. Make sure that you don't; especially during the winter months when it is more common for us to get sick.

- Dress appropriately for the day; anticipate that you will be in and out of the house often.

- Prepare additional sets of gloves for the possibility that they get wet.

- Keep some blankets and additional clothing in your car.

- Prepare an emergency kit which includes water, snacks, first aid kit, flashlight, batteries, shovel and cell phone charger.

- Keep warm with a cup of coffee or a bowl of soup.

6. Keep Calm and Positive

Although moving is a stressful event, positive attitudes can go a long way. Your movers are professionals and have done this before. Trust in them. Take their advice and understand that delays can occur. Keep in mind that they are doing one of the toughest jobs in conditions that no one likes to work in.

Show your movers that you appreciate the hard work they are doing. Offer a cup of coffee or hot drink. Ask them how they are feeling throughout the move. Tip them for the hard work that they did and express your satisfaction with a great review.

Just remember that the day will eventually end with you getting under the covers and sleeping better than you have in a long time. :)

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