In-Home Moving Services

Our "In-Home Moving Services" involve the movement of furniture within the home for any reason. We provide this service at $90.00 per hour (for 2 movers). There is a minimum service charge of 4 hours . This means a minimum charge of $360 plus applicable taxes. A minimum bill for in-home moving services would be 360 .00+ 46.80 for a total of $406.80.
Some of the reasons you might want furniture moved within your home may include:
If you are renovating any part of your home and need furniture moved to accommodate your contractors, have two of our magicians do it all for you.

Removal to Sidewalk
Getting rid of old appliances or furniture? We can help you to move it out of the house and to the curb. We can also help to remove anything from the garage. 

Interior Decoration
If you would like to re-position furniture in your home, and cannot physically move it yourself, we can have two of our magicians show up and place all of your furniture exactly where you need it.

Movement to Portable Storage Unit
You may have rented a portable storage unit to place on your driveway and store furniture temporarily. We will move and pack your belongings into your portable storage unit.

Junk Removal
If you have hired your own bin and require physical help to remove junk from your home, we can have two of our magicians show up and have your junk removed.

1)  This service does not involve the use of a moving truck. If you require service  with a moving truck, book our "2 Magicians and a Truck" service.
2) A combination of any of the above services can be provided. Please let our booking representatives know what you would like done at your home so that our service representatives may prepare for your move.