Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have moving insurance?

We provide Released Value Protection which is the standard coverage of up to $0.60 per pound on all furniture items. Note: We do not cover items that are packed in boxes by yourself. We also purchase U-Haul "Damage Coverage" Program to insure all furniture items on the truck for a value coverage up to 15,000 dollars. Check with your home insurance company and ask about coverage during moves or the potential for " Limited Term Insurance Endorsement".

What items are not permitted on your truck?

Liquids, perishables, firearms, hazardous materials, plants and animals to be general. Review our "Terms and Conditions" to get a more detailed explanation of non-movable items.

How do I ensure that my move is booked?

By placing a deposit equal to 1 hour of the service you have booked, you reserve your move. No less than 3 days before your moving date, the additional 2 hours deposit must be made to lock in your moving date. Note: Applicable taxes will be added to the deposit amount. For example: 2 Magicians and a Truck @ $129.99/ hr. will require a deposit of $129.99 + HST, totalling $146.89. Call us 1 week in advance of your move to reconfirm and put your mind at ease.

What happens if I cancel my move?

Cancellation of a booked move less than 3 days (72 hours) in advance of the move will result in the forfeiting of the deposit. This policy is in place because of the impact that this has on the booking of other potential customers for the same day as your move.

Do you disassemble/assemble furniture?

The answer is yes. But, consider the following. We will disassemble furniture if ... - a request is made to do so when we arrive at the moving location. - it is necessary in order for a piece of furniture to be moved safely. We will assemble furniture ... - only if one of our team members disassembled that exact piece of furniture. Note: We will ask for permission in the event that a piece of furniture needs to be disassembled for safety/logisitics. We do not dismount or mount televisions. Keep in Mind You are paying us to move furniture and the assembly of furniture can be quite time consuming.

Do you move pianos?

We do move pianos. We move pianos at a minimum of 3 hrs + 1 hour travel. Any time after 3 hrs is bllable at the hourly rate of $129.99. 3 movers will be present for all piano moves. We do not provide flat rates as the circumstances for every piano move are different. Please be sure to indicate the type and make of the piano when inquiring about our services. Note: It may be necessary for an in home inspection in order to determine the needs for the move.

Can you move my clothing on hangers?

We keep 2 wardrobes on our trucks. I fyou need more than that, please make a request in advance.

Do you charge a minimum number of hours?

We do charge a minimum of 3 hours for all moves. That being said, we may complete the move in 1 hour and have time to assist you in moving other items within the residence. In addition, a 1 hour travel charge is added to every bill to account for the time spent in travel to and from the customer's residences. (This charge will be different depending on location.) Note: The travel cost and fuel cost may be adjusted on moves which are out of the GTA.

Is there a fee for dump/trash removal?

Yes. We would have to either make an additional trip to the dump or visit a company which takes old furniture as donation. The additional cost of 1 hour of service purchased will be added to the bill, to account for the time spent by our team after they have left your location. If your junk must be delivered to a site we will charge a fee based on an estimated weight and provide you with an invoice. A refund will be issued if your junk disposal fee is less than estimated. Note: Junk removal is still subject to our policy on movable items. Click here to view our "Terms and Conditions"

How should I pack my waterbed?

You must drain the waterbed prior to your moving date. If you have a fiber-filled waterbed we highly suggest that you have it professionally vacuumed/drained.

Can I leave the dressers full?

To prevent loss or damages to your furniture, we recommend packing loose items in a wardrobe or carton.

How do I make payment?

Payment for the security deposit can be made in a variety of ways. You can ... - purchase a security deposit on our company website. - make a deposit to our business chequing account. - transfer funds for the deposit to our Paypal account. On the day of the move, you can pay the balance in cash, by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express), or via our company website.

How will Magical Movers protect my furniture and property?

We use special products like shrink wrap and heavy duty moving pads that protect furniture from tears or other damages. We also utilize various items such as carpet runners, tarps, bannister pads, dolly covers and mattress bags. Click here to view our methods in photos. We think before we move, ensuring that potential damages are avoided.

I only have 1 or 2 pieces to be moved. How much will that cost?

Based on a rate of $129.99 / hr for 2 magicians and a truck, with a minimum of 3 hours + 1 hour of travel time, your cost would be $519.96 plus applicable taxes. The total should be approximately $589 dollars. This is given that your move does not take longer than 3 hours.

Do you wear moving booties?

We do not for a very specific reason. They are a safety hazard and could potentially result in bodily harm or damage to furniture. But, we do our utmost to ensure that your floor or carpets stay clean in the event of rain or snow. We use runners and moving pads to limit the amount of traffic on your surfaces.

Can I pack and move my plants?

Our experience is that plants do not fare well in moving trucks. They are also a potential cause of damage to your own furniture and our moving equipment. We prefer not to move your plants and can discuss it further on moving day to see if any accommodations can be made.