Moving Truck




Do you have a bachelor, one-bedroom or two-bedroom?

Two magicians and a truck may be the way to go.

Get this service for only $129.99/hour!

Call us so that we may get a better idea of what you need moved.

We will be honest and let you know if this service is right for you.

* All moving services are offered at a

3 hour minimum *+ 1 hour travel time *

Cardboard Boxes


Dreading packing your house for the big move? We can help!


We take the utmost care in packing your valuables, making the move a smooth one from beginning to end.

Contact us for a quote on packing supplies needed for your move.


Any supplies unused will be deducted from your final bill.

* All moving services are offered at a

3 hour minimum *+ 1 hour travel time *

Moving Truck



A lot to move? Have three of our magicians get it done for you.


For just  bit more, ensure that your movers remain

energetic, focused and positive throughout.


Get this service for only $159.99/hour!

Call us for more details on the move.

In addition to our great moving rates, our movers (and co-owners Corey and Jason) focus on quality moving in order to ensure customer satisfaction. 


Our service always includes:

- the use of moving blankets to protect furniture.

- the use of floor runners to protect floors and carpet.

- the use of shrink wrap to protect fabric and other types of furniture.

- the use of moving straps and bars to ensure load stability. 

- the use of moving dollies to improve the quality and speed of moving.

- the use of ramps to improve safety and ensure steady pace.

- placement of furniture according to customer requests.

No Extra Fees for:

- the use of wardrobes to store clothing.

- the use of moving blankets, dollies, or shrink wrap.

- packing or unpacking of boxes.

- walk-ups or heavy lifting.

- assembling or disassembling furniture.

- fuel.

Additional Fees for:

- mattress bags.

- packing supplies.

- junk removal. 

- travel time.

Contact us for information on these fees.

We also provide service for ...

- in-home moving. For renovations, relocation of furniture may be necessary.

- open house staging. (We move furniture to and within the house to be staged. We do not plan.)

* All moving services are offered at a

3 hour minimum *+ 1 hour travel time *

We Provide Premium Service