A Touch of Magic/Magical Touch

Our "A Touch of Magic/Magical Touch" program was developed to cater to people needing to move a few pieces of large furniture and hoping to not pay large amounts for these small moves.

As such, we have dedicated specific days of the week for these types of moves to occur. The reason for this is to ensure that dedicating one of our trucks to the program is cost effective, meaningful for representatives assigned and manageable from a logistics perspective.

Instead of charging a minimum of three hours,  we provide the service of two magicians and a truck at an hourly rate of 89.99 + the cost of mileage at $0.49 per kilometre. This service involves a 2 hour minimum.

 If your move took 2 hours and the distance between the pick-up and drop-off were 25 km ...

- you would pay (99.99 x 2) + (0.49 x 25). 

- your subtotal would be 199.98 + 12.25  OR  212.23

- your total would be 212.23+ HST (13%) or 212.23 + 27.59

- your final bill would be just $239.82.

Compare this with a minimum 3 hour move + 1 hour travel time

- you would pay 99.99 x 4

- your subtotal would be 399.96

- your total would be 399.96 + HST (13%) OR 399.96 + 51.99

- your final bill would be  much higher at $451.95.

The program runs on Mondays and Thursdays, and can only be accommodated if approved by one of our booking representatives. 

Fill out our form to see if you qualify for the program. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible with a reasonable rate.